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GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

One of the greatest open-world video game classics is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The abundance of cheats in this game is one of its most thrilling features, since it allows you to drastically change how you play. These cheats can be your best friend whether you’re trying to have fun, wreak mayhem in the streets, or get an advantage in difficult assignments. Now let’s explore the vast collection of GTA San Andreas PC cheats, sorting them by category.

Health and Armor Cheats

HESOYAM – This cheat is a lifesaver, literally. Typing HESOYAM gives you full health, armor, and $250,000, and it also repairs your vehicle if you’re in one. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re deep in trouble and need a quick boost.

BAGUVIX – With this cheat, you get infinite health. It’s not a complete immunity to all damage, but it makes CJ nearly invincible against most forms of harm.

Oxygen Cheats

CVWKXAM – Infinite oxygen ensures that you never have to worry about drowning while underwater. This is particularly useful for missions involving diving or long swims.

Weapon Cheats

LXGIWYL – Weapon Set 1 provides you with a collection of basic firearms, including a brass knuckle, bat, pistol, shotgun, and more.

PROFESSIONALSKIT – Weapon Set 2 upgrades your arsenal to include more advanced weapons like the desert eagle, sawn-off shotgun, and more.

UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3 is the ultimate kit, featuring heavy-duty firearms such as the minigun, rocket launcher, and others.

Vehicle Handling Cheats

STICKLIKEGLUE – This cheat gives you perfect vehicle handling, making driving smoother and easier, especially during high-speed chases or tricky maneuvers.

Adrenaline Cheats

ANOSEONGLASS – Activating this cheat puts CJ in Adrenaline Mode, which slows down time and increases his strength, making combat more manageable.

Ammo and Reloading Cheats

FULLCLIP – Infinite ammo and no reloading mean you can keep firing your weapons without ever needing to worry about running out of bullets or reloading your gun.

Wanted Level Cheats

TURNUPTHEHEAT – This cheat increases your wanted level by 2 stars, perfect for those looking to test their skills against the police.

TURNDOWNTHEHEAT – Conversely, this cheat clears your wanted level, allowing you to escape the heat and avoid unwanted police attention.

AEZAKMI – Disable your wanted level entirely, letting you cause chaos without the police intervening.

BRINGITON – For the ultimate challenge, this cheat sets your wanted level to six stars, bringing in the military for a fierce showdown.

Body and Appearance Cheats

BTCDBCB – Add body fat to CJ, altering his appearance and stamina.

BUFFMEUP – Make CJ muscular, enhancing his strength and physical appearance.

KVGYZQK – This cheat makes CJ skinny, affecting his stamina and appearance.

Respect and Sex Appeal Cheats

WORSHIPME – Max out your respect, making your gang members more effective and loyal.

HELLOLADIES – Maximize your sex appeal, which affects how NPCs react to CJ.

Stamina and Skill Cheats

VKYPQCF – Maximize CJ’s stamina, allowing him to run, swim, and bike without getting tired.

PROFESSIONALKILLER – This cheat sets CJ’s skill level for all weapons to Hitman, improving accuracy and reloading times.

NATURALTALENT – Max out all vehicle skills, making CJ a master driver, pilot, and biker.

Motion and Speed Cheats

SPEEDITUP – Speed up the game’s motion, making everything move faster.

SLOWITDOWN – Slow down the game’s motion for a more dramatic effect.

Pedestrian and Riot Cheats

AJLOJYQY – This chaotic cheat causes pedestrians to attack each other with golf clubs.

BAGOWPG – Place a bounty on CJ’s head, making pedestrians hostile towards him.

FOOOXFT – Pedestrians become aggressive and attack CJ.

GOODBYECRUELWORLD – Instantly kills CJ, useful if you want to respawn.

BLUESUEDESHOES – Turns all pedestrians into Elvis impersonators.

BGLUAWML – Pedestrians attack each other with rocket launchers.

LIFESABEACH – Everyone in the game is dressed for a beach party.

ONLYHOMIESALLOWED – Pedestrians are replaced with gang members who are friendly to CJ.

BIFBUZZ – Rival gangs control the streets.

NINJATOWN – Pedestrians turn into ninjas, complete with katanas.

Recruitment and Car Cheats

BEKKNQV – Women will approach and follow CJ.

KANGAROO – Gives CJ a mega jump ability.

STATEOFEMERGENCY – Activates riot mode with aggressive pedestrians.

CRAZYTOWN – Activates funhouse mode, altering pedestrian behavior.

SJMAHPE – Recruit anyone to join your gang.

CPKTNWT – Blow up all cars in the vicinity.

WHEELSONLYPLEASE – Makes cars invisible, leaving only the wheels visible.

ZEIIVG – All traffic lights turn green.

YLTEICZ – Makes all drivers aggressive.

LLQPFBN – Turns all cars pink.

IOWDLAC – Turns all cars black.

EVERYONEISPOOR – All cars become cheap, dilapidated models.

EVERYONEISRICH – All cars become fast and expensive models.

CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG – Enables flying cars.

FLYINGFISH – Enables flying boats.

JCNRUAD – Cars explode with minimal damage.

SPEEDFREAK – All cars have nitrous oxide for boosts.

BUBBLECARS – Low gravity for cars, making them bounce around.

OUIQDMW – Allows free aim while driving.

GHOSTTOWN – Significantly reduces the amount of traffic on the roads.

Spawn Cheats

ROCKETMAN – Spawns a jetpack, letting you fly around the city.

IWPRTON – Spawns a Rhino tank.

AIYPWZQP – Spawns a parachute for safe landings.

OLDSPEEDDEMON – Spawns a Bloodring Banger car.

JQNTDMH – Spawns a Rancher vehicle.

VROCKPOKEY – Spawns a racecar.

VPJTQWV – Spawns another racecar.

WHERESTHEFUNERAL – Spawns a Romero hearse.

CELEBRITYSTATUS – Spawns a Stretch limousine.

TRUEGRIME – Spawns a Trashmaster garbage truck.

RZHSUEW – Spawns a Caddy golf cart.

JUMPJET – Spawns a Hydra fighter jet.

KGGGDKP – Spawns a Vortex hovercraft.

OHDUDE – Spawns a Hunter attack helicopter.

FOURWHEELFUN – Spawns a quad bike.

AMOMHRER – Spawns a tanker truck.

ITSALLBULL – Spawns a bulldozer.

FLYINGTOSTUNT – Spawns a stunt plane.

MONSTERMASH – Spawns a monster truck.

FVTMNBZ – Spawns country vehicles.

BMTPWHR – Spawns country vehicles and people.

Weather and Time Cheats

PLEASANTLYWARM – Changes the weather to sunny.

TOODAMNHOT – Changes the weather to very sunny.

ALNSFMZO – Changes the weather to overcast.

AUIFRVQS – Changes the weather to rainy.

CFVFGMJ – Changes the weather to foggy.

YSOHNUL – Speeds up the game’s clock.

NIGHTPROWLER – Sets the time to always midnight.

OFVIAC – Gives the sky an orange hue.

SCOTTISHSUMMER – Activates a thunderstorm.

CWJXUOC – Activates a sandstorm.


Cheats can transform your GTA San Andreas experience, adding a layer of fun and creativity to the game. Whether you’re looking to dominate the streets with infinite health and weapons, customize CJ’s appearance and skills, or simply enjoy some wild and wacky moments, these cheats have you covered. Experiment with different combinations to see what kind of chaos you can create!

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